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5 Reasons to Wait for the 2019 MacBook & 5 Reasons Not To



Should you wait for the 2019 MacBook with 12-inch screen? Apple last updated this super-portable notebook almost two years ago, and they skipped an announcement at WWDC. Today Apple pulled the MacBook from the lineup, dropping the price of the 2019 MacBook Air by $100 and adding in upgraded base 13-inch MacBook Pro models.

It no longer looks like you should wait for the 2019 MacBook as Apple no longer lists the laptop for sale on their website. We are looking for more information, but you may need to go with an 11-inch iPad Pro or a 13-inch MacBook Air.

Since announcing the 12-inch MacBook we saw a new model every year until 2018.

If you are planning to buy a MacBook, your options are to buy the current 2017 MacBook with a 12-inch screen, which is currently $300 off on Amazon, buy the 2019 MacBook Air or to wait to see what Apple does in the future, but it looks like the 12-inch model is gone for the near future.

For a lot of users the 2017 MacBook is still worth buying in 2019 and the 2019 MacBook Air is a very tempting option with updated specs, a True Tone Retina Display and Touch ID.

The rest of this story is developing and we will update when we have a better idea of what Apple is planning for a new MacBook.

Here are the Reasons to Wait for the 2019 MacBook;

  1. Wait for Better Performance
  2. Wait Until September
  3. Wait for Better Battery Life
  4. Wait for a New Keyboard
  5. Wait if You Keep Your MacBook For a Long Time

Keep reading for a closer look at the latest 2019 MacBook rumors and why you shouldn’t wait for the 2019 MacBook with a 12-inch screen;

  1. Don’t Wait if you Need a MacBook Now
  2. Don’t Wait for a New MacBook Design
  3. Don’t Wait for a MacBook with More Ports
  4. Don’t Wait for MacBook Deals
  5. Don’t Wait if the MacBook Air Works for You

2019 MacBook Specs, Changes and Rumors

We’re seeing new models appear in regulatory listings, which suggests a fall MacBook release date.¬†There are some things we expect that Apple will change with this model, and a few that we don’t think Apple will touch.

Specifically, you can expect a new keyboard on the MacBook, Apple changed to a fourth generation butterfly keyboard with the 2019 MacBook Pro. This should offer a better experience, but it is still part of the repair program, so don’t expect night and day changes.

Don’t expect a Touch Bar, but we should see Touch ID. This would make sense to see on on a new MacBook in 2019 to use for logging in, Safari passwords and Apple Pay.

Don’t expect a major design change for the MacBook. Apple is likely keeping this same look for another year at least and we already have the three color options found on most Apple gear.

Count on the same Retina Display, but potentially with support for True Tone. It’s found on the MacBook Pro, but not on the MacBook Air. Given the price and placement of the MacBook as a premium portable Mac, True Tone definitely makes sense.

You can count on upgraded specs with new Intel processors and potentially a bigger SSD option. The MacBook already supports up to 16GB of RAM and it’s not clear that Apple will push that amount further.

Apple is working on custom chips called co-processors that work alongside the Intel processor. Bloomberg reports that at least three models will come with updated T co-processors. So far the co-processors are in the MacBook Pro and the iMac Pro. At the October 2018 event Apple announced the 2018 MacBook Air with T co-processors. This is part of what makes Touch ID work.

Count on the same amount of ports, unless Apple goes crazy and offers a second USB C port. We expect that the audio port will remain. There are no details about a LTE model, though it would make sense for many users.

Wait for Better Performance on a 2019 MacBook

Wait for Better Performance on a 2019 MacBook

There is a very good chance that the 2019 MacBook will see new Intel processors, but it's unclear which model Apple will add to this ultraportable notebook. 

We could see Amber Lake or Whiskey Lake processors that give you more power and efficiency than the 2017 MacBook. 

Already in many Windows notebooks, the newest Intel processors offer a 30% performance boost over 2017 models and better efficiency. There is a chance that the MacBook will get a new Apple T co-processor like those found in the iMac Pro and the MacBook Pro. Bloomberg reports that we will see this in three models and specifically mentions laptops as one area of upgrades. 

If you plan to use the 12-inch MacBook as your primary computer, waiting for more power is a smart move. 

Don't expect to see an Apple processor in the MacBook in 2019. 

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