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7 Reasons to Buy the 2019 MacBook Air & 4 Reasons Not To



Should I Buy the MacBook Air in 2019?” That’s a question we hear a lot from people shopping for a new laptop, and it’s an even bigger question now that Apple announced the 2019 MacBook Air that is just $999 for college students.

While there are a lot of MacBook Air alternatives, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro is an even bigger deal now that the base model includes the Touch Bar and Touch ID, the MacBook Air is the go to MacBook for many buyers.

If you need more connectivity, you may want to check out the new iPad Pro that you can get with LTE built-in. While there are a lot of reasons to buy the MacBook Air, you may want to wait until the fall.

The MacBook Air starts at $1,099 and it is $999 for college students with the student discount. You can also get a free set of Beats Headphones during a promotion.

This is the cheapest MacBook you can buy, and it more than meets the needs of many users.

We finally get a True Tone Retina Display on the MacBook Air and it packs in a new 8th Gen Intel dual core processor. It includes a butterfly keyboard, large Force Touch trackpad and it uses the same smaller form factor as the 2018 model.

Yyou may still be tempted to go with a 2018 iPad Pro if portability is a major concern.

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The MacBook Air is the cheapest laptop that Apple sells and for many users it is more than enough. Here are the reasons to buy the 2019 MacBook Air;

  1. Buy for the True Retina Display
  2. Buy for the Smaller, Lighter Design & Colors
  3. Buy for Touch ID & FaceTime HD
  4. Buy For All Day Battery Life
  5. Buy for Performance with Upgraded Specs
  6. Buy Because It’s the Cheapest MacBook
  7. Buy if the iPad Pro Isn’t a Computer to You

Here are the reasons to wait, or to skip the 2019 MacBook Air;

  1. Wait for a New Keyboard
  2. Wait for Bigger MacBook Air Deals
  3. Don’t Buy if You Really Need a MacBook Pro
  4. Don’t Buy If You Need LTE

Keep reading to learn why you should should buy the MacBook Air, and why you should wait and see how this new device handles, or explore other options.

Buy for the True Tone Retina Display

Buy for the True Tone Retina Display

The new MacBook Air features a True Tone Retina Display. This is a first for the MacBook Air, and it's a much-needed upgrade. Apple upgraded the screen in 2018 with a Retina Display that packs in 4 times as many pixels as a standard HD display and is on par with what you get on the MacBook Pro.

This new display now supports True Tone, which is brand new for 2019. This uses sensors to automatically change the color temperature of the screen in order to deliver a better viewing experience. This is a great feature that we love on our iPhone, iPad and the newer MacBook Pro models.

This is a 13.3-inch MacBook Air Retina Display and it includes 48% more colors than the screen on the 2017 MacBook Air. The bezels are smaller, which puts a bigger focus on the screen.

Having used all the MacBook screen sizes going from 11.6-inches to 15.4-inches, the 13.3-inch MacBook Air display is the sweet spot for most users, and now that it's available with a True Ton feature and a Retina resolution it's an epic value.

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