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22 Seconds App: 5 Things to Know



22 Seconds is the new addicting game that you will be stuck playing for hours. From the same company that brought you the Ballz app, the 22 Seconds app is so simple you won’t believe it’s this challenging to be good at.

The goal is easy, but completing it is frustrating, despite controls that react very quickly to your command. It’s essentially an endless runner style game, but there’s a time limit. This means a lot of retrying and possibly a lot of yelling as you just miss a new record.

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How to Play 22 Seconds

The 22 Seconds app controls are simple. You just swipe up to get started. Once the ball is moving, you just need to swipe again to move in a new direction.

The ball bounces around off walls and moving obstacles as you play. The harder you swipe, the farther the ball goes.

How to play 22 Seconds on iPhone and Android.

How to play 22 Seconds on iPhone and Android.


You don’t want to always swipe up, nor do you always want to swipe as hard as you can. You need to learn how to bank the ball off the walls to get around the corners faster.

Try to avoid focusing on the giant timer on the screen that can add un-needed pressure to your game.

As you progress, you can collect diamonds. You don’t need these to keep playing and they don’t add any time, but they do allow you to unlock new ball options. You can get a pug, a ninja, an orange, an alien and much more.

What is the 22 Seconds App?

22 Seconds is a free app for iPhone and Android that tasks you with moving a ball as fast as you can down a runway filled with turns, obstacles, and gems to collect.

The game is free to download, but there are ads in the game at the bottom of many screens and there are also some ads in between turns. The more you play, the more you will see ads.

22 Seconds In-App Purchases

What to know about 22 Seconds In App purchases.

What to know about 22 Seconds In App purchases.

You can play 22 Seconds without spending any money. All you need to do is watch a few ads here and there to keep playing.

If you love the game and don’t want to see any ads, you can pay 99 cents for an in-app purchase that removes all ads from the game.

This means no interruptions while retrying a level and you won’t accidentally tap on an ad at the bottom of the screen.

Is 22 Seconds Safe For Kids?

Is 22 Seconds safe for kids to play?

Is 22 Seconds safe for kids to play?

The 22 Seconds app is safe for kids to play. Parents undoubtedly wonder what the game is about due to the short and somewhat odd name, but it’s simple fun that is safe for all ages.

The gameplay is not violent and there are no in-game purchases that you can make for consumable items. This means you don’t need to worry about kids making purchases to play longer. If you pay 99 cents there are no ads in the game. All of the ads we’ve seen have been for age appropriate games.

You won’t see any chat options either, so there is no way for the kid to talk to others playing the game.

22 Seconds Tips & Tricks

Essential 22 seconds tips and tricks for a better score.

Essential 22 seconds tips and tricks for a better score.

The best 22 seconds tip is to go slow and play for the bank shot, not for straight shots. When you line up a run correctly, you can bounce around the corners. Aim for the middle of the straight walls so the ball ends up around the corner enough that you can throw it up over the edge.

This will allow you to avoid wasting time on the corners and sending the ball flying all over a small area of the map.

Wait when the ball is out of control. When you make a mistake, it is tempting to quickly correct it, but you will likely just make things worse by throwing the ball at a weird angle. Wait for it to slow or stop and then throw it. You may lose a second, but it’s better than losing a whole turn.

Play smart at the end of a turn. The record is where the ball is when the timer stops. There is no accounting for a last second throw that would add a lot of distance. If you attempt a huge throw and bounce back significantly that is where your record will sit though. So if you screw up and the ball bounces closer tot he start you lose distance.

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