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3 Reasons to Buy Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass & 2 Reasons Not To



Don't Buy the Season 3 Battle Pass Because It's Over Soon

Don't Buy the Season 3 Battle Pass Because It's Over Soon

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 ends on April 30th. That's a concrete end date for the current Fortnite Battle Royale season and that's a major reason not to buy the Season 3 Battle Pass. 

Once Season 3 is over you cannot unlock andy of the rewards even if you keep playing. This means you have about two weeks to get through 75-150 hours of challenges if you want everything the Battle Pass has to offer. 

The one counterpoint to this reasons is if you've already invested hours and hours into Season 3 and you decided that you have enough tiers unlocked now to get a good amount of gear from buying this late in the season. All the gear you unlock is yours to keep and carries over to Fortnite Season 4



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