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4 Reasons Not to Install Galaxy Note 8 Oreo & 10 Reasons You Should



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Don't Manually Install If You Feel Uncomfortable

Don't Manually Install If You Feel Uncomfortable

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android Oreo update is rolling out, but it could be weeks before it hits your device. If you don't want to wait for the update to roll out OTA, you can manually install the firmware ahead of time.

The official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Oreo firmware is out which means you can skip the OTA (Over-the-Air) roll out and get Android 8.0 and Samsung Experience 9.0 on board right now.

If you're feeling impatient you might be tempted to install the update right now. However, if you feel uncomfortable with any part of the installation process you should sit back and wait for the update to arrive OTA. Manually installing software can have unintended consequences if you aren't careful.  

We expect most Galaxy Note 8 Oreo updates to go out soon so there's no need to panic or rush into the upgrade.

If you do decide to sideload the software, make sure you take your time.

14 / 14
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kay

    04/05/2018 at 3:47 pm

    My Sotware updated to Oreo without any Warning or Heads up.
    It Changed All of my Settings and a Bunch of other Things,
    I am Not a Happy Camper!!
    Wether it be my Provider or Samsung (or both)
    I Should have been given the Option to change or Not to change My Operating System!!

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