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4 Reasons Not to Install Galaxy Tab Oreo & 5 Reasons You Should



Don't Install While Traveling

Don't Install While Traveling

If you're about to leave on a trip or if you're in the midst of traveling, you should skip the Android Oreo update until you're back at home base. 

Over the years we've heard from travelers who've installed a new software update only to find they've bricked their device, ruined its performance, or broken an important app or service. 

If you're headed out on an important business trip, taking a long flight somewhere, or if you're in a foreign country for the first time, you're likely going to be dependent on your apps or services to get you through. 

The Galaxy Tab's Android Oreo update comes with some excellent features, but there's no reason to jeopardize a crucial business meeting or your ability to enjoy a long flight.

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