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4 Reasons Not to Install Galaxy Tab Oreo & 5 Reasons You Should



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Don't Manually Install If You Feel Uncomfortable

Don't Manually Install If You Feel Uncomfortable

The Galaxy Tab Oreo update is moving slowly. If you don't want to wait for Samsung to push your update you can manually install the software right now if you've got the proper device and skills. 

If you're starting to feel impatient, and that's natural given how long some of you have had to wait for Android Oreo, you might be tempted to install the Android Oreo update manually.

The manual installation process takes some time and can be confusing to those that haven't sideloaded Samsung's Android software in the past.

If you feel uncomfortable with any part of the manual installation process you should wait for your Android Oreo update to arrive OTA. If you aren't careful, you could find yourself dealing with annoying issues. 

The update should pickup speed in the weeks ahead so try and remain patient. 

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