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4 Reasons Not to Install iPadOS 14 Beta & 9 Reasons You Should



Install for Improvements to Maps

Install for Improvements to Maps

Apple's made some big changes to its Maps application and they're particularly interesting if you like to ride bikes. 

One of the biggest changes in the new Maps app are new biking directions. Apple's new cycling directions will show you elevation, how busy a street is, and whether there are stairs along the route.

Apple's also added features for electric vehicles. On iPadOS 14 you have the ability to create a route that includes charging stations which is perfect for those of you who like to road trip.

Maps also includes a new feature called Guides which provide a curated list of interesting spots to check out in a city.

So if you like to use your iPad to plan trips, you might want to give iPadOS 14 beta a go.

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