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4 Reasons Not to Install macOS Monterey Beta & 9 Reasons You Should



Install to Try Live Text

Install to Try Live Text

Live Text is a brand new feature that recognizes text in an image and allow you to take action.

You can use Live Text when you're looking at Photos on your Mac. Open up a photo that has an address in it, you can click that address to pull it up in Maps. You can also call, message, or save any phone number you see.

Apple says Live Text understands seven different languages: English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish which means you can simply tap on Live Text and translate to your preferred language instantly. 

There's also a neat feature called Visual Look Up which lets you learn more about the objects in your photos, or in photos on the web, with a simple tap.

So for instance if you were to tap on a photo of your dog, or someone else's dog, your Mac would bring up information about the dog breed. You can also learn more about art, landmarks, nature, books, and more. 

If these features sound interesting to you, think about giving the beta whirl on your Mac.

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