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4 Reasons Not to Pre-Order iPhone Xs & 3 Reasons You Should



Pre-Order to Avoid Stores

Pre-Order to Avoid Stores

If you skip a pre-order, but want an iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max ASAP, you'll need to head into a retail store when the phones go on shelves next week. 

We might not see lines wrap around entire city blocks, but we do expect there to be lines at many stores on the iPhone Xs release date. 

If you want to avoid standing out in the cold in a (potentially) annoying line on the morning of September 21st, you'll want to pre-order.

There's also no way of knowing what kind of stock Apple and retail partners will have on hand on September 21st.

While some stores could have ample stock available, some stores might have uneven stock or no stock at all. In other words, there's a chance you'll walk away from the store with your backup plan or no phone at all. 

There's no guarantee your local store will have the iPhone Xs model you want so your best bet is to put in a pre-order when they go live. 

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