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3 Reasons to Buy Battlefield 1 & 3 Reasons to Wait for Battlefield 2018



Wait to Play the Battlefield 2018 Demo/Beta

Wait to Play the Battlefield 2018 Demo/Beta

June will come with another milestone in Battlefield 2018's release. 

In June, EA will not only reveal Battlefield 2018 in full, it'll also allow gamers to try the game for the first time. 

The company is taking signups for its EA Play 2018 event in Los Angeles and attendees will be able to play a Battlefield 2018 demo along with several other upcoming titles. 

If you can't make it to Los Angeles, and you aren't in a rush to buy your next game, you have the option of holding out until August. 

EA usually uses public betas to squash bugs and hype games up before their release dates. We expect the company to release a Battlefield 2018 beta ahead of the game's October street date. 

The open Battlefield 1 beta started on August 31st, shortly after DICE debuted new Battlefield 1 footage at Gamescom in mid-August. 

This year's Gamescom stretches from August 21 to August 25 and there's a chance the Battlefield 2018 beta's start date is confirmed there if EA doesn't provide details on stage in June. 

The demo and beta will help you get a feel for Battlefield 2018 which in turn will help you decide if you want to spend money on it, or another game like Battlefield 1. 

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