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5 Cheap iPads You Shouldn’t Buy in 2020



iPad mini 4

iPad mini 4

If you can help it, we recommend avoiding the fourth-generation iPad mini, also known as the iPad mini 4

Unlike the iPad mini 3, the iPad mini 4 got upgraded to iPadOS 13. Again, iPadOS 13 is a substantial upgrade for Apple's slates.

However, you must remember that the iPad mini 4 was released all the way back in the fall of 2015. It's nearly four years old now. 

The iPad mini 5 is superior in every way. Not only will it get better software support, its hardware blows the iPad mini 4's out of the water. 

Apple's iPad mini 4 uses a dual-core A8 processor paired with 2GB of RAM while the iPad mini 5 uses a much newer A12 Bionic chip with 3GB of RAM.

If you like to use your iPad for conference calls with co-workers, have chats with friends and family around the world, or shoot photos and videos, note that the iPad mini 5 has much better cameras. 

The iPad mini 5 is more expensive, but it's worth the investment. 

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