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7 Reasons to Wait for the Galaxy Tab S7 & 3 Reasons Not To



Wait for S Pen Upgrades

Wait for S Pen Upgrades

In addition to performance upgrades, Samsung always makes yearly upgrades to the S Pen experience. We've already heard about rumored changes on board the Galaxy Note 20 and we expect Samsung to make changes to the Galaxy Tab's S Pen experience as well. 

Last year, Samsung made some huge changes to the Galaxy Tab's S Pen.

The Galaxy Tab S6 features a groove on the back where the S Pen attaches and charges. It also features Bluetooth like the Galaxy Note's S Pen. 

This means users can wireless charge the S Pen and it also means you'll have remote control functionality via Bluetooth. 

Samsung is reportedly bringing the S Pen to the Galaxy Tab S7 series though the report doesn't outline any of the particulars. 

We might not see a huge overhaul in 2020, but you can expect Samsung to trot out some new software features that might appeal to those who still like using a stylus.

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