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6 Reasons to Wait for the iPad Air 4 & 3 Reasons Not To



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Don't Wait If You Can't Wait Awhile

Don't Wait If You Can't Wait Awhile

The iPad Air 4 probably won't launch for awhile. 

Apple's next launch window is in the summer at the company's annual developer conference (WWDC), but nothing points to an iPad Air 4 launch in June. 

Ming-Chi Kuo's research notes have hinted at new iPads in the company's fall launch window though everything is currently in flux due to the coronavirus outbreak. A new note from Kuo suggests that Apple's mini-LED products have been pushed into 2021

A report out of China claims the new iPad Air might not hit shelves in 2020 and that mass production might not start until next year. That aligns with the new info from Kuo. 

Again, Digitimes thinks the new iPad Air will launch in the second half of 202o, but the site is extremely hit-or-miss with its information.  

And again, Kuo believes a 10.8-inch iPad will land in the second half of the year, but he hasn't given the device a name. 

So, as of right now, the best case scenario is a launch in the fall. That said, we're probably looking at a launch in 2021. 

If you don't think you can wait that long, start looking elsewhere.

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