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5 Reasons to Wait for the Samsung Galaxy Watch & 2 Reasons Not To



Samsung is reportedly working on a brand new Galaxy Watch for 2018 (formerly known as the Gear S4) and it could arrive alongside the Galaxy Note 9 later this year. With a release on the way, some of you should start thinking about waiting for the Galaxy Watch to arrive.

As we start pushing into the summer, we’re starting to hear more about Samsung’s plans for the rest of the year. We know the company is working on a Galaxy Note 9. We know it’s working on Android 8.1 Oreo and Bixby 2.0. And we now know it’s working on a new smartwatch.

Samsung Gear S4 rumors first emerged earlier this year. While vague, we learned the company’s next smartwatch was being developed under the codename Galileo as model number SM-R800. Since then, Gear S4 rumors have started to pickup and the big picture is slowly coming together.

Last year, Samsung chose not to release a true successor for the Tizen-powered Gear S3 smartwatch is launched in late 2016. Instead, the company announced the Gear Sport.

This year, it looks like Samsung will release a true Apple Watch competitor and Galaxy S3 successor and there are already some great reasons to think about waiting for the device to arrive.

Gear S4 rumors are pointing to a new brand name. Instead of the Gear S4, Samsung will reportedly call its next watch the Galaxy Watch.

In addition to a new name, the device will supposedly run a new operating system, come in a new color, feature a bigger battery and a thinner design, and come with wireless charging.

Samsung’s also reportedly cooking up a wireless charger for the Galaxy Watch. The accessory just cleared the Korean Radio Research Agency.

We don’t know what the charger looks like but there’s a very good chance it looks similar to the wireless charger Samsung released for the Gear S3. The accessory will likely be a cradle that lets users charge the smartwatch simply by setting the device down on the charger.

The Galaxy Watch is also starting to clear hurdles on its way to shelves. The device recently got its certification via the ECC (Eurasian Economic Commission), a sign that Samsung’s announcement is getting closer.

There are also a few reasons why you might want to skip the Galaxy Watch and go with something else. In this guide we’ll take you through the best reasons to wait for the Galaxy Watch and a few reasons why you might want to start looking elsewhere.

Wait for the Best Software Support

Wait for the Best Software Support

If you plan on keeping your next smartwatch for awhile, you might want to think about waiting for Samsung's Galaxy Watch.

While you might be tempted to go with a cheaper version of the Gear smartwatch, the Gear S3 series will lose software support much faster than the Galaxy Watch. 

Samsung continues to update the Gear S3 series with new software updates, but that support will end before it stops for the Galaxy Watch.

The Galaxy Watch's hardware upgrades will ensure that the device gets upgraded with the latest software features for several years to come.

We don't know much about the software that'll power the Galaxy Watch, but it looks like it'll be powered by Tizen 4.0 and come with "new UX interaction and blood pressure measurement." 

Samsung's poised to debut Bixby 2.0 (the next version of its virtual assistant) later this year and we could see it arrive alongside the Galaxy Watch. 

A report from SamMobile claims Samsung is indeed planning Bixby for the Galaxy Watch which means it will replace S Voice.

The device isn't expected to include an additional button which you'll be able to bring up Bixby using the home button or the "Hi Bixby" voice command.

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