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5 Samsung Galaxy Phones You Shouldn’t Buy in 2019



Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Foldable phones might be the future, but you should avoid them in 2019. 

The Samsung Galaxy Fold launch has been a black eye for the company. The device originally went on sale this year only to get pulled from shelves after complaints about its build quality. Samsung admits it launched the phone too early

At this point, we don't know when the Galaxy Fold will go on sale in the United States. Carriers have cancelled pre-orders and it looks like it might launch after the Galaxy Note 10 in August. If and when it goes back on sale, do your best to avoid it. 

The Galaxy Fold is the most expensive phone Samsung's ever produced and you'll have to invest a minimum of $2000 into a phone that may or may not hold up down the road. 

First-generation products always have growing pains so these struggles don't come as much of a surprise. That said, the Galaxy Fold feels more like a prototype/guinea pig than a finished product. So unless you've a) got a lot of patience and b) a ton of spending money, you'll probably want to avoid the first version.

If you're really interested in buying a foldable phone, we recommend waiting for the second or third-generation. 

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