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5 Things to Know About the August 2018 Battlefield 1 Update



DICE’s cooked up another Battlefield 1 patch for the Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC and it fixes an annoying problem that emerged for Xbox One owners after the previous update.

Monthly support for Battlefield 1 ended in June, but DICE continues to roll out new updates. Last month’s patch delivered a wide range of changes including Xbox One X 4K resolution rendering.

In addition to those features, fixes, and tweaks, the July patch also brought some problems including one that broke party chat on Xbox One. Fortunately, the developer quickly identified a fix and it’s rolling out an August patch, dubbed the “Quality of Life” update, to alleviate the issue.

With the patch release here, we want to take you through everything we know about the August 2018 Battlefield 1 patch for both consoles and Windows.

August 2018 Battlefield 1 Update Size

Like all Battlefield 1 updates, the August patch requires a sizable chunk of storage space. The previous patch was more than 4GB across all platforms, but this one is (fortunately) a little smaller.

The August patch is 2.10GB for the Xbox One, 2.1 GB for the PS4, and 1.2GB for the Windows PC. If you’re running out of space on your hard drive now would be a good time to clear up some space.

Like all Battlefield 1 patches, the August patch is a mandatory download for all players looking to play online.

Xbox One Party Chat Fix

The main purpose of the August 2018 patch is to fix a framerate issue affecting Xbox One players who are using party chat while playing.

Other Fixes

DICE has loaded up the August patch with some additional bug fixes for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PCs. The list is relatively short, but the fixes should be impactful. Here’s the list:

  • Fixed a performance issue when players were in an Xbox party of 4 more players.
  • Fixed an issue where the mid-round team balancer wasn’t working.
  • Fixed various crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players at max rank didn’t have enough war bonds to buy everything available.
  • Fixed an issue where the Field Gun’s rotation would reverse when the Decouple Aiming option was turned on.
  • Fixed the Dud Club’s damage description.
  • Fixed an issue where Tanker and Pilot weapons were available in the Back to Basics custom game mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the team balancing message was sometimes not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Objective Icon Opacity icon did not affect objectives in Frontlines.


There are also some additional tweaks inside the “Quality of Life” patch. These include:

  • Reorganized some of the Commo Rose options in the Options screen.
  • Players will now get kicked for being idle in pre-round for Official servers.
  • Mid-round team balancer threshold reduced to 3+ players.
  • Mid-round team balancer timer reduced from 30 to 15 seconds.

What’s Next

DICE is reportedly testing another Battlefield 1 update on the CTE (Community Test Environment) ahead of an unknown release date.

The developer hasn’t released the change log yet, but we expect it to include additional patches for lingering issues on all three platforms.

As we’ve noted, Battlefield 1 updates will be sporadic going forward. DICE stopped promising monthly updates which means it could be weeks, even months, before we see the next patch emerge from testing.

As for the next version of Battlefield, DICE is planning to launch an open Battlefield 5 beta in September ahead of the game’s release this fall. It also plans to showcase a new Battlefield 5 build at Gamescom in late August.

Battlefield 5 launches in October on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.

4 Reasons to Pre-Order Battlefield 5 & 6 Reasons to Wait

Pre-Order if You Want to Play Battlefield 5 ASAP

Pre-Order if You Want to Play Battlefield 5 ASAP

If you want to play Battlefield 5 the second it goes live you'll want to pre-order a very specific copy of the game. 

Pre-ordering the game's Deluxe Edition will grant you early access to the final version of the game in November. That isn't a typo. The game has been delayed a month so EA DICE can add more polish. 

Those who pre-order the regular version of the game ($60) will get access to Battlefield 5 on November 20th while those who pay a little bit more for the Deluxe Edition ($80) will get access to the game on November 15th. 

If you want to play even earlier than that, you should think about getting an EA Access (Xbox) or Origin Access (PC) account. 

The Battlefield 5 Play First Trial for EA Access and Origin Access members will open up on November 9th. Both of these require a paid subscription, but they'll give you the earliest access to the game. 

If you think you might want to start ranking up your character the second Battlefield 5 goes live, think about putting in a pre-order.

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