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5 Walmart Black Friday 2018 Deals to Avoid



RCA Voyager III Tablet

RCA Voyager III Tablet

The $29 RCA Voyager III Tablet or something like it is part of the Walmart Black Friday ad every year. A $29 tablet sounds great, but there are some catches you need to keep in mind and that should send you looking elsewhere. 

This Android tablet uses a low resolution screen and it runs a very old version of Android. The current version of Android is Android 9 Pie, but this runs Android 6 Marshmallow which came out in 2015. 

Don't expect to get any software updates to add in new Android features and you may not get a lot of security updates. There's a good chance your phone runs a more modern version of Android and that things may look different. 

While some users love it, many reviews are not pleased with the battery life, updates, app support and that it runs hot. One user writes, "I bought one of these tablets last year for Christmas as a gift to my 2 year old. It's terrible, very slow, freezes, battery doesn't last long and she tells me it gets hot. And for some odd reason, google play apps aren't able to update for example the google play services. And if google play services aren't updating then there's no use for it. Since it doesn't allow me to play nor update YouTube, or use any other google apps. Very disappointed.. I just can't do anything with it."

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