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5 Walmart Black Friday 2018 Deals to Avoid



Xbox One S

Xbox One S

Walmart sells the Xbox One S for $199 during Black Friday. This is in line with Best Buy and other retailers. It's also a great time to buy the Xbox One. 

However, this isn't the best Xbox One S Black Friday deal out there. If you only want the Xbox One S, skip Walmart and focus in on Kohl's or Target. 

At Kohl's You can get the Xbox One S Minecraft Creator's Bundle for $199, and you get $60 in Kohl's cash that you can use on something else the week after Black Friday. Use it to get a game, or spend it on gifts. Target also sweetens the deal with a $20 Target gift card when you buy the Xbox One S there. 

Here's the best Xbox One Black Friday 2018 deals.

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