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7 Apple Watch 4 Pre-Order Tips & Tricks



Get Ready to Order Before Pre-Orders Start

Get Ready to Order Before Pre-Orders Start

The Apple Watch 4 pre-orders start at 12:01 AM Pacific, 3:01 AM Eastern, so you might be tempted to get online right as they start so you can sleep longer before that alarm goes off. 

That would be a big mistake. There are times when we see the Apple Watch and iPhone pre-orders start a few minutes early on more than one occasion. 

Typically this starts up early on carrier sites, so that's a good place to look if you want the Apple Watch 4 with LTE. 

Even if you plan to order from Apple, don't wake up seconds before orders start. Get up 10-15 minutes early, text your friends who are ordering, post on social media about how you're up late and then be prepped to order. 

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