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7 Apple Watch 4 Pre-Order Tips & Tricks



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Don't Worry About AppleCare+ & Accessories Right Now

Don't Worry About AppleCare+ & Accessories Right Now

Apple announced a collection of new Apple Watch bands and options that go on sale at the same time as the Apple Watch 4. When you buy the Apple Watch 4, you also have the option to buy AppleCare+, but you may want to skip these add-ons right now and check out as fast as you can. 

This will lock in the Apple Watch that you want, and it will help you make sure that you get it as soon as possible. When you are checking out with an Apple pre-order, the difference of a minute or two could end up being a week or two of waiting. 

We typically place the order for the primary item, be it an Apple Watch or a new iPhone, and then a separate order for the accessories. You can take your Apple Watch into an Apple Store and add AppleCare+ to it after you get it. 

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