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7 Exciting Black Ops 3 Release Details



Black Ops 3 Midnight Release Events

Black Ops 3 Midnight Release Events

There are no confirmed Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 midnight release events scheduled yet, but we fully expect major retailers like GameStop and Best Buy to take part in special midnight sales of the game and to see 24 hour retailers join in like Walmart and Target.

With major releases like this GameStop often keeps all stores open starting at 9:01 PM Eastern to take final payments and then starts selling the game at 12:01 AM Eastern. Best Buy does not normally keep all stores open, just those in bigger cities. Walmart and Target will vary from location to location, based on previous game launches.

Unlike most events that take place on a Monday night, the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 midnight release events will take place on a Thursday, to time up with the Friday release, so some gamers may still want to take a day off work.

With a midnight release on Eastern time there is a chance that this will carry over to a 9:01 PM Pacific release in stores and digitally, as we've seen with some other high-profile games.

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