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7 Important Mafia 3 Release Details



Mafia 3 Pre-Orders

Mafia 3 Pre-Orders

The Mafia 3 unveiling is only a few hours old and retailers are already starting to take pre-orders for the game. 

EBGames Canada is taking Mafia 3 pre-orders for all three versions of the game ahead of its release date. The retailer simply says that the game will arrive by December 31st, 2016. That is a placeholder for the game's release date. 

Retailers like Amazon and GameStop typically start taking pre-orders months, sometimes years, ahead of a game's release date and they should follow EBGames' lead soon.

Early Mafia 3 pre-orders will give those of you enamored with the Mafia series and excited about the game's release a chance to order the game well in advance. But before you pre-order, make sure you're familiar with the retailer's policies.

Some won't charge you until the game ships out, others will charge you right away.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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