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7 Reasons to Buy the Galaxy Tab S6 & 6 Reasons Not To



Buy for the S Pen Upgrades

Buy for the S Pen Upgrades

Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Tab S6 comes with its own S Pen like the Galaxy Tab S4

The inclusion of the S Pen means the Galaxy Tab S6 is more expensive Galaxy Tab S5e. The Galaxy Tab S5e doesn't come with an S Pen. That said, Samsung's tacked on some S Pen upgrades that might be worth the price of admission. 

The Galaxy Tab S6 features a groove on the back where the S Pen attaches and charges. It also features Bluetooth like the Galaxy Note's S Pen. 

This means you can wireless charge the S Pen (Samsung says the new S Pen can get 10 hours of battery life  after charging for just 10 minutes) and it also means you'll have remote control functionality via Bluetooth. 

If you want the best Galaxy Tab S Pen experience you'll want to buy the Galaxy Tab S6.

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