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7 Things to Know About the December Nexus 5X Update



How to Prepare for the December Android 8.1 Update

How to Prepare for the December Android 8.1 Update

If you do decide to install the December Android 8.1 Oreo update on your Nexus 5X make sure you do some prep work before you upgrade. 

The Nexus 5X's latest Android 8.1 build is a small security update, but even the smallest Android updates can cause problems. 

We always recommend doing some prep work before installing new Android software and you'll want to be careful with this version of Android 8.1.

We recently put together a guide that outlines the steps we typically take before we install an Android update on Nexus and Pixel devices.

Some of the steps in the walkthrough will only take you a few seconds to complete. Others, like clearing out some space for the update, might take you longer. At the very least you'll want to make sure all of your important files are backed up properly. 

This might seem tedious, but you'll want to take your time with the software, particularly if the Nexus 5X is your main device. 



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  4. Peter

    01/31/2018 at 10:26 pm

    Too many of Google’s base apps have been crippled on multiple devices. The need to NOT perform any quality assurance has been the new imperative. On nexus 6p I can no longer answer a call IT IS A PHONE have been forced to install a 3rd party app to use my phone as a phone BRILLIANT.
    On my yoga book, chrome has been replaced because of unbearable predictive text issues.
    I have never owned an apple product, but the dominant player in the market seems determined to push me to a different world.
    Pathetic really.

  5. Jessie Louis Hagan

    10/07/2018 at 7:21 pm

    The update seems to not be taking on my Nexus 5X which just got a new Motherboard due to Bootlooping. It has updated itself at least 6 times to day and keeps coming back.

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