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75% of Teens Have Cell Phones, 34% Toting an iPhone (Infographic)



CEOs might tell us that the iPhone isn’t cool anymore, but don’t tell that to teens who love the iPhone.

75% of teens own a cell phone according to a, and odds are good that they have an iPhone.

34% of teens own a iPhone, and 40% say that they want to buy one within the next 6 moths, according to a survey by research firm Piper Jaffray.

Teen phone preferences are more important than you think. These consumers are spending mom and dad’s money now, but in a few year’s they will be voting for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone with their own money.

Teenagers download 11 apps a month on average. Paid and favorite apps, can easily lock users to a phone. Couple that with the affinity that users have to familiar interfaces and the iPhone ecosystem and the iPhone has a steady stream of young users that will soon have more disposable income.

Safely is an app that offers parental controls for Android phones, which can lock down features and monitor usage. The company compiled usage statistics to paint a picture of how teens use their phones.

The teen phone usage infographic below includes text habits, a surprisingly high amount of calls and parental snooping habits.

Teen texting and smartphone habits

Teens text a copy of War and Peace every year, on average. That’s over half a million words per teen.  More than half of parents admit to checking their kid’s texting history five times a month, which adds up to a lot of reading.

Parents can take control of the iPhone with various parental settings, but Android offers finer controls. The Safely service can lock phones at school and at night and monitor usage, as shown in the video below.




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