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Amazon Instant Video Apple TV Release Coming Soon



If you’ve been dying to get an Amazon Instant Video Apple TV app, the wait could finally be over in a couple of weeks.

The Apple TV has always had a plethora of “channels” to choose from, including Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and even live television streaming from NBC, CBS, etc., as well as live sports from MLB.TV and NHL GameCenter.

However, one popular streaming service that has never seen the light of day on the Apple TV is Amazon’s Instant Video service. It offers a lot of great content to watch, and if you have Amazon Prime then you already have access to Instant Video.

While Amazon offers mobile apps for iPhone and iPad with Instant Video, it has never been available on the Apple TV, most likely because the company has its own streaming set-top box that competes against the Apple TV, so having that exclusivity with Instant Video isn’t a bad idea.


However, it looks like that’s changing quickly, as it’s said that Amazon has confirmed that it’s working on an Amazon Instant Video app for the new Apple TV.

According to Twitter user Dan Bostonweeks, Amazon is supposedly working on an Amazon Instant Video app for Apple’s latest set-top box, and said  that it will “hopefully” release within the next few weeks. What we don’t know is whether or not it will come to the Apple TV 3. It’s possible that the app may just release for the new Apple TV, since it’s likely that Amazon is developing a version of its streaming app that will only work on the newer box.

The Apple TV isn’t the only device that doesn’t have Amazon Instant Video support. The Chromecast doesn’t have it either, even though Instant Video is available on a ton of other devices and platforms, like Android, Roku, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, and the Wii U, as well a small handful of smart TVs and Blu-ray players.

The Apple TV was first introduced back in September during the company’s iPhone 6s event, and was then released about a month later in October. The new streaming box received a huge upgrade over the Apple TV 3, which was highly likely anyway since Apple didn’t touch the Apple TV since 2012.


The new Apple TV comes with an all-new user interface, as well as an all-new remote that comes with a built-in glass trackpad, motion sensors, and even a Siri button to perform voice searches on the Apple TV.

Perhaps the biggest new feature on the new Apple TV is a dedicated app store, where you can now download third-party apps and games right onto the Apple TV, giving you much more to do on the device, rather than just leaving you with some default channels like on the Apple TV 3. Plus, the addition of gaming makes the Apple TV a great new addition to the living room.

Plus, one small feature of the new Apple TV makes it great for when you want to watch movies or TV shows without disturbing the rest of the house. You can connect Bluetooth headphones to the Apple TV and hear the content through the headphones instead of through your TV’s speakers.

This isn’t a new feature by any means, as Roku allows you to connect headphones to the remote for quiet listening, but being able to connect wireless headphones to the Apple TV is pretty cool nonetheless. Unfortunately, you can’t connect a Bluetooth keyboard to the Apple TV currently, but hopefully that changes in an upcoming software update for the set-top box.

9 Awesome Apple TV Accessories

Griffin Survivor Play

Griffin Survivor Play

The Griffin Survivor Play is a protective sleeve for the Apple TV remote that can save it from potential damage.

The Survivor Play is geared toward Apple TV gamers that will likely use the remote as a game controller, providing maximum grip so that the remote doesn't fall out of your hands, especially when you're playing a game that requires you to fling around the remote to activate the motion sensors inside.

The protective sleeve is made out of silicone and has extra-thick grips on the back to make it easier to hold. It's priced at $19.99 and is available now.

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1 Comment

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