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Angry Birds Star Wars Trailer Show More Birds With Star Wars Abilities



Angry Birds Star Wars will come to iPhone, Android, Windows 8, and a variety of other platforms on November 8 and today Rovio released a gameplay trailer that shows off some of the new features of the game.

In Angry Birds Star Wars both the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies assume Star Wars personas which give them special abilities. These new abilities give the birds new ways of defeating the pigs who still just sit in their structures waiting for their inevitable “poof.” The last trailer showed the red bird’s Luke persona with lightsaber and the pink bird’s Princess Leia persona with a tractor beam gun.

The new trailer shows the yellow bird with Han Solo attire and a laser gun that he uses to shoot Greedo the Bad Piggies. Solo’s lasers can bounce off corners for some interesting trick shots. Solo’s friend Chewbacca takes the place of the giant green bird as the bird that smashes almost everything in its path.

There’s also the black bird dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi, the white egg with R2-D2 features, a golden C-3PO bird, and the tiny blue bird dressed as Lando Carlissian.

The gameplay of Angry Birds Star Wars is familiar to anyone who has played Angry Birds Space and any other Angry Birds before it. In some space levels players slingshot the birds through the vacuum and into planetoids with their own gravitational pull that changes the flight path. It sounds complicated, but is relatively simple after a few rounds.

Other levels are more traditional Angry Birds: it all takes place on land with gravity that simple pulls the birds down to the ground.

Angry Birds Star Wars will come to a variety of app stores on November 8. Unlike most iOS developers, Rovio typically releases their games in the early morning on Thursday and not late at night on Wednesday. That means gamers get one extra night to focus on Halo 4 before Angry Birds Star Wars arrives.

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