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Apple Black Friday 2015: What to Expect



iPhone Black Friday 2015 Deals

iPhone Black Friday 2015 Deals

We will continue to see many iPhone Black Friday 2015 deals, even with carriers switching many users over to monthly payment plans instead of contracts. Thanks to an early Black Friday 2015 sale we know one price point to expect this year.

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Count on a 16GB iPhone 6s at $99 on contract and a 16GB iPhone 6s Plus at $199 on contract. If you buy one of these models on a payment plan you can expect up to a $200 gift card. That is the price that Sam's Club offers on November 14th. You can expect to see iPhone 6s Black Friday 2015 deals at Walmart, Best Buy and Target. We may see some deals at carriers, but they are typically not as good as what you see at a retailer. Apple may include a $50 gift card with the purchase of a new iPhone 6s on Black Friday.

iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 Black Friday 2015 deals could include an almost free after gift card style deal that drops the price to $5 to $25 on a contract. iPhone 5s deals may appear, but will likely include a small gift card since the phone is already cheaper than the others.

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1 Comment

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