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Apple Plans for Blockbuster iPhone 6s Release Date



The iPhone is a popular gadget and when the company announces a new phone it’s tough to keep the device in stock. A new report outlines Apple’s plans for an incredible iPhone 6s release date that will kick off what could be a record number of iPhones sold by the end of 2015.

Here’s what buyers need to know about the latest iPhone 6s release date rumor and what it could mean for your upgrade. Apple already confirmed the iOS 9 release date for this fall, which is as good as telling users to expect a new iPhone release date this fall as well.

Apple is readying for a major iPhone 6s release date.

Apple is readying for a major iPhone 6s release date.

In addition to outing plans for the iPhone 6s release, the new report in The Wall Street Journal also states that Apple will not change the screen sizes of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. In the new leak we learn that Apple asked suppliers to deliver 85 million to 90 million parts for the new models. The source tells The Wall Street Journal that Apple wants these parts by the end of the year.

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Read our quick breakdown of what iPhone buyers need to know about this leak and the iPhone 6s release date.

iPhone 6s Release Date

Although the report does not identify an iPhone 6s release date this is a clear indication of a fall release and that Apple plans on huge demand from users. This likely comes from the increased demand we saw for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last year after Apple added two bigger screen sizes.

What to expect from the iPhone 6s release and features.

What to expect from the iPhone 6s release and features.

With increased orders we may see better stock in stores at the iPhone 6s release date, but this will not likely change the fact that there will be lines for the new iPhones. Although Apple switched to selling the Apple Watch online only at release signs indicate that the iPhone 6s release date will bring in store and online sales this fall.

There is no confirmed iPhone 6s release date at this time, but late September is very likely with September 18th or September 25th at the top of the list based on previous launches and the ned of Apple’s fiscal year.

iPhone 6s Features

Rumors continue to highlight a collection of iPhone 6s features. Here are five key iPhone 6s details from the report and from earlier rumors that buyers will want to know about.

  • Same Design – The iPhone 6s design will not change much according to these sources, but others suggest the device may be slightly thicker.
  • Force Touch – A new screen technology can detect the difference between a tap and a hard press. Reports indicate this will appear on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus displays.
  • Same Screen Size – All signs suggest Apple is not ready to change the size of the iPhone 6s display or iPhone 6s Plus display from the current iPhone models. This falls in line with the Apple’s traditional upgrade cycle and leaves room for a bigger iPhone 7 upgrade.
  • Same Resolution – Sources tell the WSJ that, “Apple is expected to keep the screen resolution about the same,” which also makes sense based on the refinements that we typically see with an “s” release.
  • New Color – We’ve heard about new iPhone 6s colors before and this report indicates that Apple will add to the gold, silver and space gray color options with a rose gold or a pink iPhone 6s color.

Although we don’t expect all the features below to come on the iPhone 6s, you can see what we hope Apple delivers.

11 iPhone 6s Features We Want in 2015

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

It would be amazing to finally get wireless charging in the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus so that charging would no longer require a Lightning cable. There are adapters and cases to add wireless charging to the iPhone, but the real benefit comes from integrated wireless charging.

Yes, there is still a need for a cable connected to power, but you would no longer need to plug the iPhone in, just set it on a charging mat on your nightstand, on a coffee table at Starbucks or in a wireless charging dock in your car that can deliver power without the need to fumble with a cable.

The wireless charging iPhone 6s feature is all about the convenience of using the iPhone without a cable tethered to it -- and charging remains the only reason you absolutely need a cable with the iPhone.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Larry

    07/09/2015 at 10:29 am

    It’s the “S” model year so don’t count on much I only buy the opisate years I noticed this year’s ago lucky, luckI’m with t mobile I can go every 6 month but two years is fine I’m sticking with my even years with Apple the 3g, the 4, than the 5, now 6 plus next the 7 for 2016 why waste the $$ I don’t need to keep up with the joneses lol

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