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Apple Watch 4 Release: 4 Things to Expect & 3 Not To



Don't Expect the Same Apple Watch Options

Don't Expect the Same Apple Watch Options

You can choose from a wide array of Apple Watch 3 models. That may not be the case for the Apple Watch 4 this fall based on certifications Apple applied for.

Currently you can buy the Apple Watch 3 in the four models, two connectivity options and three case materials. This includes the special edition Nike+, Hermes and the Apple Watch Edition models.

According to the ECC filing, Apple is only seeking approval for six new Apple Watch models for 2018. This likely means that Apple is holding back a special edition or discontinuing an option.

This may signal an end to the Edition model, or it could also signal Apple’s plans to announce a special version that will come later this year.

If Apple wants to keep something under wraps, they typically announce it at an event, and then submit to regulatory bodies with a later release date in mind.

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