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AT&T Galaxy Note 5 Release: 10 Things to Know Right Now



The AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release isn’t confirmed but we know that it’s likely thanks to leaks and thanks to AT&T’s close partnership with Samsung. With that in mind, we want to take a look at 10 things you need to know right now about the AT&T Galaxy Note 5 release and release date.

In 2011, Samsung announced the first Galaxy Note, a device that arrived for AT&T and no one else. T-Mobile offered it for a short time before the arrival of the Galaxy Note 2 but it was AT&T that took the initial risk on Samsung’s big screen flagship smartphone.

Since then, the carrier and Samsung have remained close and we’ve seen them partner up for several new Galaxy Note models including last year’s Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. Rumor has it, AT&T will be releasing another Galaxy Note this year, a device that’s being called Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors have been rampant for several weeks now and they’ve included details about an AT&T Galaxy Note 5 release. AT&T isn’t talking about the Galaxy Note 5 just yet but it’s abundantly clear that the carrier has a Galaxy Note 4 successor up its sleeve.

With an AT&T Galaxy Note 5 release likely, we want to take a look at the most important things you need to know if you’re a current AT&T customer or a free agent looking at AT&T as a potential destination for your new Galaxy Note 5. Keep all of this in mind as we push into the month of August.

AT&T Galaxy Note 5 Likely

If you are looking to buy the Galaxy Note 5 on AT&T, know that an AT&T Galaxy Note 5 is all but confirmed. AT&T isn’t talking about Samsung’s Next Big Thing but thanks to a recent FCC filing, we know that AT&T has a brand new Galaxy flagship up its sleeve.

Earlier this month, we spotted an FCC filing for the AT&T Galaxy Note 5. The model number is SM-N920A, a known Galaxy Note 5 model number. The letter “A” is typically used for AT&T-bound devices as well. This means that the Galaxy Note 5 should be cleared for launch on AT&T.


At this point, there’s no reason to believe that AT&T will miss out on this launch.

AT&T Galaxy Note 5 Launch Date

Yesterday, Samsung finally sent out invites for an Unpacked event in New York City. Samsung reserves Unpacked launch events for big devices like the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note so there’s good reason to believe that this is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch date.

The event will kick off at 11AM EST, 8AM PST, and it will be live streamed for those that won’t be in attendance. If you’re at all interested in the AT&T Galaxy Note 5, you’ll want to tune into the launch event. There, Samsung will likely detail just about everything there is to know about the next-gen Galaxy Note model.


AT&T probably won’t take the stage but there’s a good chance that AT&T will make an announcement following the event. And if rumors are accurate, we could see it confirm a number of specific release details for prospective buyers.

AT&T Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

Galaxy Note 5 release date rumors point to an August 21st arrival for key regions like the United States. This doesn’t confirm an AT&T Galaxy Note 5 release date for that day but it does mean that one should fall in and around that date. This is much earlier than previous Galaxy Note release dates.

While this date isn’t confirmed, the AT&T Galaxy Note 5’s FCC filing means that Samsung and the carrier should be ready for an early release. We typically don’t see devices gain FCC clearance until the day of a launch event or in the weeks after the announcement. The fact that the FCC filing arrived this early means there’s a good chance that we’ll see an early release.

We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date confirmed on August 13th. August 21st or otherwise.


Earlier this week, we saw the Verizon Galaxy Note 5 get benchmarked. And thanks to those details and some new rumors, we’ve been able to piece together some of the specs that should come on board the AT&T Galaxy Note 5 release.

Typically U.S. Galaxy Note variants share hardware features. And while the software is generally the same, they do like to tack on their own enhancements and bloatware. That’s why this Verizon Galaxy Note 5 benchmark is so important. It reveals potential AT&T Galaxy Note 5 features as well.


AT&T’s Galaxy Note 5 is expected to have a Exynos 7420 octa-core or Exynos 7422 octa-core CPU on board. The Exynos 7422 looks like it could win out at this point. If that’s true, the Galaxy Note 5 will almost certainly become the most powerful phone in Samsung’s arsenal.

The Exynos 7422 is expected to be an improved version of the Exynos 7420. The Exynos 7420 is the CPU found inside the Galaxy S6.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will reportedly have 4GB of RAM on board. That’s 1GB more than the Galaxy S6 and 1GB more than most flagship smartphones. Verizon’s Galaxy Note 5 benchmark reveals 4GB of RAM on board so this feature is, at this point, all but confirmed for all Galaxy Note 5 variants. We’d expect nothing less.


While you might be hoping for a surprise stock Android M update on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, that probably won’t be happening.

The Verizon benchmarks point to an Android 5.1.1 Lollipop base for the Galaxy Note 5. This is Samsung’s latest Lollipop release and it’s expected to be its last before it starts pushing Android M to Galaxy devices.

We’re not sure what else will be on board though rumors point to some additional software features including Write on PDF support for the device’s S Pen.

Display Size

The AT&T Galaxy Note 5 will probably have a 5.7-inch Quad HD display. It’s not expected to come with a curved display like the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note Edge. That feature will reportedly be reserved for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge that’s expected to arrive alongside the Galaxy Note 5 in August.

Other Specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and thus the AT&T Galaxy Note 5, is expected to feature a number of other powerful features.

The device is rumored to have a new thin design that resembles the Samsung Galaxy S6’s premium design, a massive 4,000 mAh battery, four color options (gold, silver, white, black), and a brand new S Pen stylus that’s expected to look and feel a lot like a real pen.


We still don’t know if the device will come with a microSD card slot but that doesn’t matter. If it does, we’ll probably see a 32GB base. If it doesn’t, we’ll like see a 32GB base with other options. Maybe the same 64GB and 128GB storage variants that Samsung released with the Galaxy S6.

Its Competition

The AT&T Galaxy Note 5 won’t launch alone. We know of at least two other Galaxy Note 5 models coming to the United States later this year.

The Verizon Galaxy Note 5 is one of them and the other is the Sprint Galaxy Note 5. Both models have passed the FCC on their way to shelves.


The U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 models haven’t gained clearance yet but we expect both carriers to offer the Galaxy Note 5 later this year. They’ve carried the Galaxy Note since the Galaxy Note 2 and we can’t see them abandoning the flagship this year.

Galaxy Note 4 Price

And finally, AT&T has dropped the price of its Galaxy Note 4 in anticipation of the Galaxy Note 5 release. The carrier is currently charging $50 for the device on-contract. That’s a far cry from its original $299.99 price point. This also means that it will almost certainly be cheaper than the Galaxy Note 5.

We don’t know the Galaxy Note 5 price just yet but carriers have been know to charge $299.99 for the base model. We’d expect the same from AT&T this year.

10 Things to Do Before the Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

Research Your Galaxy Note 5 Storage Needs

Research Your Galaxy Note 5 Storage Needs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 isn't official yet but that doesn't mean that you can't prepare for its arrival. There are a number of things you can do ahead of Samsung's announcement and release and deciding on how much storage you might need is one of them. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design is reportedly going to be similar to the Galaxy S6's. That means premium build materials but it also means no microSD card slot for expanded storage. If this is true, and it probably is, it's going to put pressure on you to figure out how much internal storage you'll need. 

If Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 doesn't feature expandable storage, it'll likely come with several storage options. Those storage options will vary in price. You don't want to pay for storage that you're never going to need so you'll want to think about this ahead of time.

Take a look at your current device, think about how you might use your next phone, and estimate how much storage it will take to feel comfortable. For some of you, it might be 32GB. For others, it might be a 128GB of space. 

We don't know how much the Galaxy Note 5 will come with yet but chances are we'll see some sort of combo featuring 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

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