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Battlefield 1 Beta: 5 Things to Expect & 4 Things Not To



Expect It to Last a Week or So

Expect It to Last a Week or So

You can expect EA DICE to run the open Battlefield 1 beta for a week, maybe a little longer. 

The developer's Battlefield Hardline beta started on February 3rd and ended about a week later on February 9th after a small extension. EA DICE's Star Wars Battlefront beta opened up on October 8th and closed on October 13th after a small extension. 

If the company sticks to this protocol, you can expect a Battlefield 1 beta to run for about a week with an extension announced during the tail end of the testing period. 

While it would be great to see the beta run for two weeks or more, we'd be shocked if that happened, especially with the Battlefield 1 release date as close as it is. 

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