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Battlefield 1 Beta: 5 Things to Expect & 4 Things Not To



Don't Expect Your Progress to Carry Over

Don't Expect Your Progress to Carry Over

Don't go into the next few weeks thinking EA DICE is going to let your Battlefield 1 beta progress carry over to the final release. That's probably not going to happen.

Battlefield Hardline beta stats didn't carry over to the full game, same deal with the Star Wars Battlefront beta stats. We'd expect the developer to follow protocol with the Battlefield 1 beta. 

Part of the reason EA DICE is running a beta is to test the weapon balancing and other features and we expect the final version to feature some changes based on the feedback from beta. 

On top of that, allowing beta testers to keep their rank would provide them with an unfair advantage come release date.

So, while nothing is confirmed, be prepared to start from scratch in October. 

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