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Battlefield 1 Beta: 5 Things to Expect & 4 Things Not To



Expect Battlefield 1 Beta Patches

Expect Battlefield 1 Beta Patches

Don't be surprised if EA DICE issues a patch or two during the beta to clean up some of the glaring problems PC, Xbox One and PS4 users encounter. 

Typically, developers issue small patches during the beta process to help stabilize early software. For example, EA DICE released a few updates for the Battlefield 1 alpha aimed at squashing various bugs plaguing the game. The company also released patches for the Battlefield Hardline beta.

There's no guarantee will see an update for Battlefield 1 beta but we'd be surprised if the company left it hanging for a week without some fine-tuning. 

Just don't expect the world from an update. If anything, they'll be focused on fixing bugs, not delivering a bundle of new features. 

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