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Battlefield 2018 Wish List: 5 Things We Want



With the first Battlefield 2018 announcements getting closer we want to share a few things we hope make it into the next installment of the long-running series.

Battlefield 2018 is confirmed and a trailer is in the works ahead of a playable demo at EA Play 2018 in early June. And as we approach EA’s annual launch event, Battlefield 2018 rumors have outlined the game’s name, setting, several game modes, and more.

If rumors are to be believed, Battlefield 2018 will take Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC gamers to the battlefields of World War 2. The current Battlefield game, Battlefield 1, takes players to several different fronts from the first World War.

From the sound of it, Battlefield 2018 (also known as Battlefield V) will borrow heavily from Battlefield 1. If you enjoyed Battlefield 1, this is probably music to your ears.

Rumors suggest the new Battlefield game will include seven factions and ten maps when it launches later this year. Rumored factions include Free French Forces, Germany (Third Reich), Great Britain, Imperial Japan, Kingdom of Italy, the United States, and the USSR.

We’ve also heard about the return of Behemoths (the massive vehicle class from Battlefield) and Elite Classes from Battlefield 1’s gameplay. Nothing is confirmed, but we and many others are starting to get excited about this year’s game.

Battlefield 1 was great, but there’s certainly room for improvement and today we want to quickly outline a few things we want from Battlefield 2018.



We're hoping one of our favorite game modes from Battlefield 1 makes it into the next game, especially if Battlefield 2018 takes us to the battlefields of World War 2. 

Operations, a brand new game mode that launched with Battlefield 1, is one of our favorite features. It's a combination of Conquest Assault and Rush game modes where the attacking side must push through several zones to conquer the entire battlefield.

Defenders must hold a set of control points using an array of weapons, vehicles, and the terrain. It's some of the most fun we've had playing a Battlefield game, particularly with a full squad of friends. 

Operations worked extremely well with Battlefield 1 and World War I (it featured some of the war's biggest campaigns) and World War 2 Operations would be extremely compelling.

If the game does come with Operations, or something like it, we'd love for DICE  to include an Operations Server Browser right at launch. 

It took months for the company to offer a proper way to browse Operations matches which often led to players (us included) joining empty games.

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