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Best 10.5-inch iPad Pro Cases



Casemade 10.5-inch iPad Leather Case

Casemade 10.5-inch iPad Leather Case

The Casemade 10.5-inch iPad leather case looks incredible and feels simply amazing thanks to 100% Italian cowhide. The red accent stitching on the black model reminds you of a luxury sports car, with just the right amount of pop to draw your eyes. 

Inside is a soft, but rigid plastic case. We love this type of material because it feels much nicer than hard plastic and it makes putting the iPad in and out of the case super easy. It also means less worry about scratching the iPad when you need to put it in or take it out. 

You can use the iPad Pro camera and all of the buttons with the case on. The case will wake your iPad when you open it and put it to sleep when you close it. The inside of the case is soft to protect the screen. Unlike many flimsy folio cases, the Casemade 10.5-inch iPad leather case features a very sturdy front flap, and it can double as a stand for watching movies or playing games. 

£44.90 at Casemade



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  3. Wattloewe

    06/27/2017 at 10:22 am

    There is one case missing. Incipio. You can get it right now!

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