17 Best New MacBook Pro Accessories

The new MacBook Pro completely changes how you connect everything you own to your computer and Apple sticks with this for the 2017 MacBook Pro as well. Here are the best 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro accessories you can buy to smooth the experience and connect your devices.

With new USB C connections, that deliver faster speed thanks to Thunderbolt 3, you will need new cables, adapters, and dongles. You’ll also need a special adapter to connect to an older Cinema Display.

We’ll walk through the best 2016 MacBook Pro accessories that you can buy from Apple and from other retailers to save. Like notebooks, Apple charges a premium for adapters and cables. We also help you find the best new MacBook Pro cases.

The best 2016 MacBook Pro accessories you can buy.
The best 2016 MacBook Pro accessories you can buy.

We’re building this list of essential 2017 MacBook Pro accessories out as we find the items that most users will need from sources that are reputable.

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With two to four new USB Type C ports, you will need 2016 MacBook Pro accessories¬†to connect your phone, SD card, monitors and more. There’s simply no way around buying some new cables and adapters.

USB C cables also deliver power, allowing you to charge your MacBook Pro using any of the ports. You can’t just use any cable, though, since not all will be able to handle the power draw needed.

You can save when you buy from reputable third parties, but keep in mind that not all USB C cables and accessories are equal. There are bad USB C cables that could damage your devices. Not all USB C cables will deliver the same speed, since not all support ThunderBolt 3.

New MacBook Pro Charger & Cable

New MacBook Pro Charger & Cable

You can get by with the one charger that comes with your notebook, but it's a smart idea to pick up a spare 2016 MacBook Pro charger to have on hand.

While USB C is a standard, you can't use just any cable and adapter to charge the 2016 MacBook Pro with USB C. This is especially true for the 15-inch MacBook Pro that requires more power.

Don't mess around with charging your 2016 MacBook Pro. At this stage it's smart to go with the official MacBook Pro USB C chargers.

13-inch MacBook Pro Charger - $69 at Apple

15-inch MacBook Pro Charger - $79 at Apple

2-Meter USB C Charge Cable - $19 at Apple

We may see third-party affordable options arrive, but for now you should go with these options. If you need a longer extension you can pick up the extension anywhere that one is sold. Amazon offers one for $8.75 that will let you extend your charging capabilities. You can also use one you already own.

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