Best MacBook Pro Accessories (2016 & 2017)

USB C MacBook Pro HDMI Adapter, VGA or DisplayPort

USB C MacBook Pro HDMI Adapter, VGA or DisplayPort
$14.99 and up at Monoprice

If you travel or speak at all you will at some point need to connect your MacBook Pro to a TV, projector or monitor. An Apple TV with AirPlay is a handy way to do this, but not every conference room or hotel will support this.

You can buy the USB-C Digital AV Multiport adapter direct from Apple for $69, which includes a pass through USB C port, HDMI connection and the USB port you are used to using.

You can buy the same connectivity from Monoprice for 29.99 with three connections, but if you just want to connect to HDMI, the Select Series USB C to HDMI adapter is a better value.

Users looking to connect to a VGA monitor should look at the $14.99 USB C to VGA adapter from Monoprice. When it comes to Displayport, the USB C to Displayport Male cable from Monoprice at $34.95 is the best option.

$14.99 at Monoprice

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