17 Best New MacBook Pro Accessories

New MacBook Pro SD Card Adapter (USB C)

New MacBook Pro SD Card Adapter (USB C)

There is no SD card slot on the 2016 MacBook Pro. That is frustrating to many users who rely on connecting a SD card to the MacBook Pro to transfer photos.

Apple offers a Sandisk SD Card USB C adapter for $49.99 that is a good option, but you can find a cheaper adapter if you look.

We've been using the Satechi Aluminum Type C Micro SD and SD card reader for two months and love it. We can use a regular SD card from our camera and the Micro SD card that is in our Go Pro and DJI Mavic Pro. You can buy this on Amazon for $14.99.

We like the Sanyo HyperDrive 5-in-1 hub that includes a Micro SD card reader for your Drone or Go Pro and a full size SD card reader as well as USB Type C and two USB 3.0 ports. If you buy this one adapter you can handle a variety of connection needs with one purchase.  This is available in Space Gray and Silver colors to match your new MacBook Pro.

$49.95 at Amazon

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