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6 Best 2017 Surface Pro Accessories



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BX2 Edge for Surface Pro - $69.99

BX2 Edge for Surface Pro - $69.99

The BX2 Edge for Surface Pro case will protect your 2017 Surface Pro from screen damage and scratches for $69.99.

This case wraps the upper-back and edges of your Surface Pro in protective plastic. These edges absorb the shock of any drops by collapsing in on itself. There's foam to keep your Surface Pro from shifting once it is inside. 

The BX2 Edge for Surface Pro doesn't force you to take your Surface out of it to use all its features. It has cutouts for the Mini DisplayPort, Surface Connect port and USB 3.0 port. A cut out on the back lets you extend the Surface’s kickstand.

You can't use the tablet's magnets to lock the Surface Pen into place with this case on, which is why it has a built-in holder.

Buy the Brenthaven BX2 Edge for Surface Pro for $69.99 

6 / 6


  1. dhimera

    07/15/2017 at 5:22 am

    I was struggling to find a perfect screen protector. Atlast I came up with this protectors for the Microsoft surface pro 4. They are neat and lovely. No trace of application and protects from the scratches.

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