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Best 2017 Surface Pro Keyboard Alternatives



Don’t spend $159.99 on a Surface Signature Type Cover. The best 2017 Surface Pro keyboard alternatives cost far less than Microsoft’s accessory and offer features it doesn’t, like Bluetooth and an easy way to change settings.

Microsoft doesn’t include a Surface Pro keyboard with any of its Windows 2-in-1s, and that’s why Surface Pro keyboard alternatives are important. The Surface Signature Type Cover, Microsoft’s latest keyboard accessory, costs $159.99. That’s a lot of money for an accessory that you must buy to have the Surface Pro truly replace your laptop. Compare that to the savings you get by buying the best Surface Pro keyboard alternatives. One Signature Type Cover alternative costs just $19.99.

The money you save doesn’t doom you to a keyboard with fewer features. The best 2017 Surface Pro keyboard alternatives also have backlit keys that you can see in the dark. Some of these keyboards snap into the slot on the bottom of your Surface Pro and protect your device from scratches Others Type Cover alternatives are desktop keyboards that improve any home office setup.

The Brydge 12.3 Keyboard for Surface Pro.

Without the best 2017 Surface Pro keyboard alternatives or a Type Cover, you miss out on features that make Microsoft’s Windows 2-in-1 such a great device. Without a Surface Pro keyboard, you’re stuck switching your device in and out of Tablet Mode when you’re ready to get work done. Don’t count on getting work done on your Surface without a dedicated keyboard. Your fingers will hurt after typing a few sentences on the 2017 Surface Pro’s touch keyboard, and getting work done anywhere is the key reason to buy a Surface Pro instead of an iPad or Android tablet.

Enhance your productivity and save some cash with these 2017 Surface Pro keyboard alternatives.

Best 2017 Surface Pro Keyboard Alternatives in 2018

  • Fintie Surface Pro Keyboard
  • Logitech Craft Keyboard
  • Brydge 12.3 Surface Keyboard
  • Microsoft Folding Keyboard
  • Arteck Keyboard

Fintie Surface Pro Keyboard

Fintie Surface Pro Keyboard
$49.99 from Amazon

The Fintie Surface Pro Keyboard includes Bluetooth wireless connectivity and still costs $110 less than a Surface Signature Type Cover.

Available from Amazon for $49.99, this Surface keyboard builds on Microsoft’s design. A strip of magnets snaps it to the bottom of your Surface Pro with a satisfying click. Another bar of magnets let you elevate the keyboard deck for a better typing angle. Close the keyboard and its fabric body protects your 2017 Surface Pro from sharp objects in your bag.

In some important ways, the Fintie Surface Pro Keyboard is better than Microsoft’s offering. The Bluetooth connectivity and built-in battery let you navigate Windows 10 across a room during presentations. Also, you can change the key backlight color from white to green, purple, red, aquamarine, yellow and blue to give your Surface Pro some personality. 

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