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Best AirPods Skins, Cases and Covers for 2020



Apple only sells one AirPods color, but with the best AirPods skins, cases, and covers you can customize the look of your AirPods. These work with all AirPods models including the first generation and the current models. These also work on AirPods with wireless charging case.

For less than $20 you can add color or a design to your AirPods and to the AirPods charging case. You can also pick up shock-resistant and rugged AirPods cases that will protect your AirPods when they are in the charging case.

I’m not a huge fan or most AirPods accessories, since the ear loops and neckbands take away from the simplicity that makes AirPods so great, but a skin or a case is a great option to customize your AirPods. If you want to spend more, you can get custom painted AirPods in any color if you want to go that route.

Here are the best AirPods skins that cover each AirPod and skins and cases for the case.

Casetify AirPods Skin Case

Protect your AirPods with these colorful skins that slip on.

The Casetify Neon AirPods Skins are awesome, because they are almost as thin as a skin, but they slide on like a case. That means no lining up the 3M pieces like with most skins, and you still get bright colors and protection for your AirPods case.

I’m using the neon orange AirPods skin from Casetify that comes in a bundle with a red and an orange skin. You can share one color with a friend, or you can mix and match colors. It’s a really nice option and the price is right.

If you have the new wireless charging AirPods 2 case, you can still see the LED through the translucent material. While I still like the waterproof option from Catalyst, this is my new everyday favorite AirPods skin.

$24.95 for a two-pack at Casetify

Element Case Black Ops AirPods Case

An epic AirPods case.

The Element Case Black Ops AirPods Case works with the first and second-generation AirPods. It is made from anodized aluminum, polycarbonate, and silicone to protect your AirPods, offer excellent grip and hand-feel. This case is a match for the Element Case Black Ops case and is designed to withstand drops. You also get a strap to secure them to yourself while on the go. there is a latch to keep the case closed and the design is optimized to work with wireless or wired charging.

$49.99 at Element Case

dband AirPods Skins

dBrand offers a skin that sticks to your AirPods case.

You can get a dbrand AirPods skin or AirPods skin, including an option that works with the wireless charging case. These include some awesome texture and color options.

Pick from 11 different textures and a wide range of colors and patterns. This includes the new swarm option as well as matrix, camo, carbon fiber and some cool natural color options.

These cover just the case, but they cover the full case.

$12.95 at dbrand for AirPods and AirPods 2

DecalGirl AirPods Skins

Change the look of each AirPod as well with DecalGirl.

The DecalGirl AirPods skins come in a wide range of art, designs, logos and patterns. If you are looking for something more than colors and carbon, this is your go to place.

There are artistic designs as well as cool logos from the USAF and other organizations. There are nearly 1,000 AirPods skins to choose from at DecalGirl, which is the largest set of options we’ve found.

DecalGirl is a well known skin maker and these cover the AirPods as well as the case, leaving the corners of the case uncovered.

Most reviews are good, though some users report problems lining up all the holes on the skin with the AirPods.

$9.99 at DecalGirl

AirPods Skins & Stickers on Etsy

Change the look of your AirPods with stickers.

Etsy is home to a ton of AirPods skins and AirPods stickers that style up your AirPods case. Most of the AirPods skins on Etsy cover the case and are fun stickers rather than full-on skins.

Some of the best examples are;

These stickers add a little bit of humor to your AirPods and can help you pick yours out easily if you share them with other people in your house or if half of the office has AirPods too.

$2 and up at Etsy

Catalyst Waterpoof AirPods Case

The Catalyst waterproof AirPods case is an epic accessory if you want to take your AirPods anywhere without worrying about water damage.

This silicon case is open at the top so you can easily take your AirPods out, but when closed it seals the opening flap as well as the Lightning port so you don’t need to worry about your AirPods getting wet while fishing, hiking or at the pool.

The Catalyst AirPods case is available in many colors and comes with a carabiner clip to attach it to your backpack or a belt loop.

$24.99 at Amazon

Silicone AirPods Case

If you don’t need a waterproof case, you can get a more affordable silicone AirPods case from Elago.

Unlike some of the other AirPods cases, there is no branding on the back, it’s just a simple silicone case that protects your AirPods charging case from scratches and adds a little impact protection.

Elago offers the AirPods silicon case in white, black, dark gray, lovely pink, and glow in the dark blue. That last option actually glows slightly in the dark.

$7.99 at Amazon

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