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Best AirPods Skins, Cases and Covers



Apple only sells one AirPods color, but with the best AirPods skins, cases and covers you can customize the look of your AirPods. For less than $20 you can add color or a design to your AirPods and to the AirPods charging case. You can also pick up shock resistant and rugged AirPods cases that will protect your AirPods when they are in the charging case.

The wait for AirPods 2 is still quite long, so if you are looking to make your AirPods look like new or come in a new color these are your best options. I’m not a huge fan or most AirPods accessories, since the ear loops and neckbands take away from the simplicity that makes AirPods so great, but a skin or a case is a great option to spice up your AirPods.

If you want to spend more, you can get custom painted AirPods in any color if you want to go that route.

Here are the best AirPods skins that cover each AirPod as well as the charging case. Most do not skins don’t completely cover the charging case, so you may want to look into a matching cover or case for that.

SlickWraps AirPods Skins

SlickWraps AirPods Skins

The SlickWraps AirPods skins come in a wide range of colors and designs to change the look of your AirPods. If you want, you can even make your own design. 

This set of AirPods skins covers the AirPods and the case. The case skin does not cover the corners, which are very tricky to apply. 

You can choose from carbon, metal, wood, colors, leather, glitz, stone and hemp wrap options. This is one of the widest selections of designs that you will find. 

Users report that the SlickWraps AirPods skins install easily and hold up well over time. You can leave the skins on when you charge your AirPods. 

One reason I love SlickWraps is that they stand behind the products they sell. If you have a problem with a skin they are quick to offer help and in the rare case it's been needed a replacement. 

Be on the lookout for deals as SlickWraps often offers 25 to 50% off during sales. 

$14.95 at SlickWraps

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