10 Best Allergy and Pollen Apps
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10 Best Allergy and Pollen Apps



WebMD Allergy

WebMD Allergy

It should come as no surprise to anyone that WebMD has an expansive app full of useful information, features, support, and even advice. If you're worried about or dealing with allergies, this app has something you'll benefit from. 

If you have all the information you need, the great and wild outdoors shouldn't be so scary. That's where this app comes in. WebMD provides you with allergy forecasting, symptom tracking, to a knowledge base of allergy information. You can search for the latest information in your area, and even save important details to your phone. 

Personally, WebMD is a great but terrible app. That's because I love all the info I can find and use, but sometimes I get so much information that it starts to worry me when really I should just stay calm. Keep in mind that WebMD might not have tons of forecasts and daily details, but you'll have a wealth of information and expert advice at your fingertips. 

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