7 Best Amazon Echo Alternatives with Alexa, Google Assistant and More
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7 Best Amazon Echo Alternatives with Alexa, Google Assistant and More



Google Home - $129.99

Google Home - $129.99

Google Home blends with your home’s design and has the power of Google Assistant. If you use an Android smartphone instead of an iPhone, it’s a better match for you than Alexa.

In some ways, Google Assistant is better than Alexa. Google Assistant can handle more than one task at a time. Because of this, adjusting your smart home settings or asking questions is more convenient. Alexa requires separate commands for everything you do. Whereas Alexa uses a single account, Google Assistant is smart enough to identify who it is talking to and only dive into their information to answer questions.

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Hardware and accessory support for Google Home is solid. Pair the device with a Chromecast and you can start a television show or movie with just a voice command. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. Despite launching after Alexa, Google Assistant has thousands of add-ons that add new voice features.

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The Google Home blends into any existing decor. It is white with a gray fabric bottom that you can switch out for other designs. Glowing indicator lights let you know when Google Home is listening or processing a command and the device’s touch-sensitive shell handles volume adjustments when voice commands aren't an option.

Google Home costs $129.99. It’s copper, metal, carbon, violet, marine, coral and mango base covers cost $20 each.

Buy the Google Home from the Google Store for $129.99

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