7 Best Amazon Echo Alternatives with Alexa, Google Assistant and More
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7 Best Amazon Echo Alternatives with Alexa, Google Assistant and More



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Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod

Finally, there’s the Apple HomePod, an Amazon Echo Alternative that promises to deliver great sound quality and Siri when it launches sometime in early 2018.

Announced with the iPhone X, the HomePod will be the best Echo alternative for iPhone and iPad owners because it works with all Apple's services. It integrates with Apple Music, giving you immediate access to your iTunes Match and Apple Music library. Microphones on the top of the speaker let Siri listen for questions about your iCloud calendar and adjust your smart home accessories.

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Apple has packed a lot of technology into the HomePod to make sure it delivers solid sound. It has one woofer and seven tweeters inside its black or white mesh body. Audio processors and sensors let the device adjust its sound output depending on the situation. So, if it’s sitting against a wall, it’ll direct sound out into the room. It uses all seven tweeters if it’s in the center of a room.

Like other smart speakers, it’s easy to expand the HomePod into a full sound system. If two HomePods are in a room, they’ll work together to provide the best sound possible. The HomePod also pairs with other AirPlay 2 speakers for better sound.

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