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10 Best Android Games to Play With Your Girlfriend



Fortnite or PUBG

Fortnite or PUBG

Do we even need to mention these two games? Fortnite took over the world, obviously, but PUBG was on a similar path and blowing up before Fortnite took over. Both of these games are incredibly fun, addicting, and played by millions.

Fortnite takes popular battle royale games and combines it with a building element, almost like Minecraft, and it'll keep you both entertained. 

These days more and more girls love to game, too. So, if she's into Fortnite, count your blessings, and play with her. Seriously. Even if you're not a huge shooter fan, just do it, man.

And if your boyfriend loves shooter games like Fortnite, it'll mean the world to him if you actually try it. At least a few times. Play more than once or twice and actually learn how to build, then play together on a squad. Don't just give up after you get destroyed the first few times you play. Some people play this game all day every day, and they're really good. Don't get discouraged, and play it together. When he comes and rescues you during a battle it'll be cute. If he doesn't, swipe left and start over. (kidding)

Download: Fortnite for Android or PUBG Mobile

1 Comment

1 Comment


    05/22/2019 at 3:53 am

    Playing pubg with my girlfriend, together we have got many chicken dinners, word with friends is worth playing I guess, thanx for sharing this list

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