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Best Apple TV 4K Accessories



Here are the best Apple TV 4K accessories you can buy to upgrade your experience. These will help you fix the Apple TV 4K remote frustrations, provide better gaming and offer you a cleaner looking setup.

I’ve been using the Apple TV 4, which is the same size and comes with the same remote for over a year, and are in the process of finally upgrading to the 4K version. You won’t need all of these accessories, but we think you’ll enjoy the Apple TV 4K better with a few of them.

Here are the best Apple TV 4K accessories that you can buy to upgrade your experience. You’ll need to buy at least one of these, and we think everyone should splurge on the $7 remote case that solves one of the biggest frustrations with the Apple TV 4K.

  1. Remote Case
  2. HDMI Cable
  3. Optical Audio Adapter
  4. Apple TV Mount
  5. Universal Remote
  6. Gaming Controller
  7. Bluetooth Headphones

We think everyone will want to spend at least $15 on Apple TV 4K accessories, and if you are looking for a bigger upgrade or to do some serious gaming on your Apple TV 4K, you will want to invest in some of the more expensive options. Here’s what the Apple TV 4K can do.

Apple TV Remote Case

Apple TV Remote Case

The Apple TV 4K Remote is slippery and it is very hard to figure out which end is the touchpad and which is the base when you pick it up. This makes pausing mid-program really annoying if the phone rings or you need to grab the door. 

It was an issue with the Apple TV 4, and it is still an issue with the Apple TV 4K. The remote is also fragile. If you have hardwood floors you don't want to drop it without a case unless you like shattered glass. 

The Akwox Apple TV 4K remote cover is the perfect solution to this problem, and it's under $7. This cover slops on so you can feel which end of the remote is up, easily use the buttons and it will keep the remote from sliding off the edge of your couch or chair. As an added bonus, the cover adds some drop protection if you do happen to drop it.  

$6.79 at Amazon in multiple colors with Prime Shipping

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