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5 Best Apple TV 4K Alternatives



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Smart TV

Smart TV

The odds are very good that if you already have a 4K TV, it is also a smart TV. If that is the case it likely already offers several apps like Netflix, Hulu, VuDu, Fandango and even Plex that you can use as your 4K streaming hub. 

I just purchased the Vizio M 75-E which includes ChromeCast as well as a very nice set of apps and built-in WiFi. I can use my iPhone as a remote and I can "cast" to the TV just like a ChromeCast. Even basic Smart 4K TVs offer a way to stream 4K content from popular apps without the need to buy any special box to connect to it. 

Samsung LG and Vizio all offer a fairly easy to use interface, and the style will depend on how old the TV is. Newer models offer better looking ways to interact and may offer more support. The Vizio 4K TV Smart TV screen looks very much like an Apple layout and I love the ability to remotely control the TV using my iPhone. 

The price will vary based on the size of the TV, the quality of the display and the brand. 

Free to $$$ at Your House or Store. 

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